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Joy of life

Sukha means ‘joy of life’ in Sanskrit and that is exactly what we are about. With a total dedication to sustainability Atelier Sukha develops unique items that are handmade from natural materials. As a result our creations put a twinkle in people’s eyes and hopefully bring them lots of joy.

Natural materials

The garments, furniture and accessories we produce are exclusively made out of pure and natural materials such as wood, clay, linen, cotton, lokta and cashmere. Our timeless designs combine with superior quality making them long living for years and years of comfort, warmth and profound satisfaction.


Our collection doesn’t change every season. We just listen to our customer’s wishes and then start sketching, discussing, designing and producing.

This way our collection grows organically, because the new does not replace the old.

We use only natural, high-quality materials that make our clothes age beautifully. They are highly versatile, suiting any season or occasion. Our woollen cardigans are great in winter in front of a roaring fire, but also make a wonderful spring coat or a cosy wrap-around blanket on long haul flights.


The Atelier Sukha range is ethically and sustainably made and we take responsibility for the production process from start to finish. We source the raw materials ourselves and we make sure that the local communities that produce our designs get the proper benefits from their work.

Whether it be Nepalese women who knit our soft woollen scarves, their men making sturdy wooden daybeds or Indian handcraft women producing our gorgeous cotton and linen tops, we guarantee them a regular and fair income and aim to create a better life for themselves and their families.

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